SPSH Requirements
House Requirements

At SPSH, recreation and leisure activities are highly encouraged to suppport a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Following are SPSH requirements that will assist our residents in building a strong foundation for their recovery.

  • Commitment to a minimum four-month stay.

  • Attend two 12-step meetings weekly.

  • Residents must work, volunteer or attend school a minimum 24 hours per week.

  • Attend Sunday 6pm in house Speaker Meeting followed by house meeting.

  • Meet with Sponsor weekly.

  • Attend all group service commitments.

Welcome to Saint Paul Spirit House

Saint Paul Spirit House was established in 2003 to serve a need in the recovery community for faith based men’s sober housing. Community, accountability and spirituality are the foundations to our program.

Prime - Location
Located in East metro, blocks from Sun Ray shopping center.
Cable TV and desktop WIFI internet access. Beautiful home with all amenities furniture and appliances.
Enjoy the advantages of being a resident at SPSH
Take on a living network of meetings and services.
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